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Second hand lumber and general cargo ship made in Japan

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Date:2010/4/29/ 13:31
  type of the ship        :
        - lumber and general cargo ship.
        - the vsl has been traded as single deck bulker since her built.
        - it is fact that beam for lateral strength in the holds is fitted with the vsl.
        - vsl is not equipped with hatch covers on said beam like tween decker.
           ie the vsl is not structure to equip with hatch covers in holds. 
        - nationalty                :  cyprus
        - blt/class                 :  aug 1997 by sanyo shipyard co., ltd./nk
        - dwt/s.draft              :  6,276.78mtons on 7m320
        - loa/bm/depth          :  96.70/17.40/11.60 all meters
        - number of ha/ho     :  2/2
        - hold capacity          :  grain 9,820.34m3/bale 9,573.52m3
        - hatch size              :  no.1:
                                          upper deck  16.10 x 12.60 meters
                                          2nd deck     16.80 x 18.80 meters
                                          upper deck  31.50 x 12.60 meters
                                          2nd deck     32.90 x 14.80 meters
         - type of hatch covers (upper deck):   pontoon 
         - hold size                : no.1  16.80 x 14.80 meters
                                          no.2  32.90 x 14.80 meers
         - gears                     : 3 derricks x 25tons
         - main engine            : akasaka diesen,
                                           model: A4
                                           normal output: 3,300ps x 230 rpm
         - generator               : yanmar diesel, 6hal2-dtn  2sets
                                          output: 200kw x 2 sets
                                          225kva x 2 sets
         - speed/consumption : abt 12knots on abt 9.5mtons ifo (180cst)
                                           plus mdo abt 0.6tons               
         - ldt                         :  2,097.02tons
         - last drydock            : jun 2009
            last ss                   :  aug 2007
            next ss                  :  aug 2012
         - main trade              : nakhodaka/japan wtih general cargo
Second Hand
Transaction Type:
Ship Type: lumber cargo ship
Number: OGO-184
Year Built: 1997
Place Built: Japan
Class: NKK
Registry: Cyprus
DWT: 6,276.78MT on 7.32M
Length: 96.70M
Breadth: 17.40M
Depth: 11.60M
Price: Negotiable

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