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SEABAY specializes in shipbuilding consulting and brokerage business. Our service is focused on the area of new building projects. In addition, based upon our clients' requests, we are also engaged in the resale business for the new buildings as well as second-hand vessels.

Our expertise includes hundreds of vessels of almost all types, from small fishing boats to ocean-going ferries, however SEABAY is best known for its work in the fields of fishing vessels, tug and barge transportation, ship-assist and escort tugs, fast patrol craft, fireboats and shallow-draft vessels. Furthermore, we are active in other types of vessels like Oil and Chemical Tankers, Containerships, Multi-Purpose Carriers and Bulk Carriers, Ore Carriers, LNG/ LPG vessels and recreational boats.

SEABAY is very good at coordinating new-building projects at all large, middle and small Chinese shipyards. Our team has established close and trustful relationship to Chinese shipyards, naval architect companies, classification companies and international ship-owners. Our shipbuilding unit is characterized by versatility, persistence and result-oriented customer services.

One of the most important factors for our team is perfect timing. We strive to work closely with customers and the yards to establish and achieve long-term goals. SEABAY acts as a key catalyst in the market for contracting new vessels. We have up-to-date information on the development of price levels in China, to figure out the right yard which is the most competitive one for the proper ship types for customers, and contractual terms tailored for special conditions of each yard. Consequently, our ship owners and boaters are able to order any kind or any size of new vessels.

Usually, it wouldn’t be easy for overseas buyers to supervise the shipbuilding process in China without the local language to understand or to adapt to the local conditions. SEABAY organizes a full range service of shipbuilding supervision for owners who would like to have the high quality of cost- effective professionals.

The ship types with which SEABAY has expertise include:

  • Fishing Vessels

  • Work Boats

  • Pleasure Boats

  • Cargo Ships

  • Miscellaneous Workboats

    Tug Boats
    Coastal and Ocean Tugs
    Escort Tugs
    Ship-Assist Tugs
    Ice Breakers
    Search and Rescue Vessels / Cutters
    Scientific Research Vessels
    Oceanographic/Hydrographic Research Vessels
    Buoy Handling Vessels
    Shallow Draft Vessels
    Police /Patrol Boats
    Rigid Inflatable Boats
    Crew Boats
    Navigation Aids Tenders
    Fisheries Patrol Vessels
    Crane Barges and Crane-Equipped Workboats

    Fishing Vessels

    Side Trawlers
    Stern Trawlers
    Beam Trawlers
    Factory Trawlers
    Freezer Trawlers
    Wet Fish Trawlers
    Pelagic Trawlers
    Table Seiners
    Drum Seniers
    Tuna Seiners
    Purse Seiners
    Light Luring Seiner
    Fish Scouting Boat
    Gillnetters / Gill Netter
    Drift Netter
    Square Netter
    Longliners / Longline Fishing Boat
    Pole and Line Fishing Boat
    Trollers / Trolling Boat
    Squid Angling Boat
    Muti-Purpose Fishing Vessel
    Mother-Ship with Fishing Dory
    Pearl Boat /Lugger
    Set Net Fish Boat
    Cargo Ship

    General Cargo Ships
    Bulk Cargo Carriers
    Ore Carriers
    Ore –Oil Carriers
    Container Vessels
    Roll On/Roll Off Ships
    Timber Carriers
    Barges / Barge Carriers
    Refrigierated Ships
    Oil and Chemical Tankers
    LNG Carrier
    LPG Carrier

    Offshore Services

    Drillling Platforms
    Floating Power Plants
    Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)
    Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS)
    Offshore Supply Vessels (OSV)
    Offshore Standby/Rescue Vessels (OSRV)
    Diving Support Supply Vessels (DSSV)
    Submersible Support Vessels

    Passenger and Vehicle Vessels

    Fast Ferries
    Ro-Ro Ferries

    Recreational Boats

    Fiberglass Boats
    Aluminum Boats
    Mega Yachts
    Motor Sailers
    Inflatable Boats

    Specialized Ships

    Hover Crafts
    Hydrofoil Crafts
    Planing Boats

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    TOP Sale

    • New building Container Vessel-CMS 135*14.35*4.5M made in China
    • New building 3200T inland Container Vessel 110*11.45*3.65m Made in China
    • New building 3000T inland tanker 110*11.45*5.32 made in China
    • New building Pushbarge combination made in China

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