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Seabay Marine Corp. specializes in consulting and brokerage business for wind power industry - promoting the best interest of the sector worldwide. SEABAY's members include manufacturers covering a large amount of the global wind power market, as well as component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewable associations, developers, electricity providers, finance and insurance companies and consultants. Besides, we are also involved in the supply of structure, wind power products and components, including steel tower, pile piles, blades, gearboxes and generators, and businesses offering specialist services such as offshore construction vessels, wind speed monitoring, and project development advice and financing expertise.

We have mainly focused on our consulting services based on long term supplier’s credit or buyer’s credit to finance projects, as our team has established close and trustful relationship to financing organizations / international banks, steel structure manufactures, contractors and government agencies. Meanwhile, SEABAY is very good at coordinating steel infrastructure fabrication at all large, middle and small Chinese factories that supply wind tower pipe piles and equipment. Our business activities are conducted not only in China, but also extended to different regions of the world including North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South East Asia and Australia.

We have a great number of high-quality, internationalized, and versatile personnel who understand technology and know business and management. Being well-equipped with specialists in conventional power plants investment and management, well-trained personnel specialized in wind power investment, programming, construction, operation, maintenance and management, high and new technology and product research and promotion, we can ensure you the quality of work, manpower, timely completion, competitive pricing and safety. When all these elements are placed together by us, the groundwork is perfectly done. Consequently, the result has to be excellent. This is exactly what you get from SEABAY.

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