Dedicated to develop marine industry while supporting environmental sustainability, we make full use of Seabay Marine Corp. resources to provide a total package of services throughout the entire life cycle of a project – from planning through successful implementation of new venture.

As a representative of customers around the world, our focus has gradually shifted from North America-centered business to a truly global business with partners throughout China, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South East Asia and Australia. The services we provide range from market research and procurement, to coordinating suppliers and arranging favorable terms for financing operations. For example, we are assisting European customers in entering the China market, providing guidance for selecting successful Models, pricing structures, actual sales, design, shipyard, surveillance, repair, and finance. Meanwhile, we also help those customers to reduce their production costs by sourcing raw materials and related assembly from China.

Seabay Marine Corp. organize carefully selected teams of consulting professionals to help our customers define and overcome market obstacles, when developing new businesses that best fit their global needs. Our teams have the industry experience and creative insight to artfully blend technologies and solutions. While incubating business and adding value have always been priorities for our global clientele, Seabay Marine Corp. goes beyond our usual trading and investment model, drawing on our strategic expertise, industry-specific knowledge and our knowledge of international markets to serve top management at major companies.

Why are Most People interested in extending their business to China?

By the year 2020, China alone is expected to account for half of the annual growth in world trade. For global companies this means that, if they want to participate in the expansion of trade, they must do business with China. Although there are significant differences among China and western countries in terms of their individual economic growth potentials and business prospects, there is no denying that the Chinese marine economies comprise a significant global force today and will be even more significant in the future. China has become a huge magnet attracting all types of global businesses, either as a source of cheap labor and raw materials or because of the potential market offered by China’s enormous population.

Why do Customers Insist on SEABAY to Co-Work with?

SEABAY’s crews are graduates from marine colleges and have many years of practical experience in all business aspects of shipbuilding, large sized steel structures & pipe manufacturing, repair, design and equipment supply. Playing as multi-roles of shipbuilding consultant, large sized steel structure & pipe fabrication adviser, naval architect, shipbroker and procurement agency, we strike to provide full services in China, for any kind of marine vessel business, in 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

We guarantee:
• Protection of our clients' interests in China
• Full and reliable information;
• All necessary documentation;
• Arrangements for all kinds of buildings, repairs, supplies and repatriation, etc.;
• Advanced International standards to meet all clients’ technical requirement;
• Smooth handling of vessels, large sized steel structures & pipes, designs, equipment & materials;
• Very competitive prices and highly cost-effective service

Important::Our world is actuated by people only. We know how the Asian and the Western think with respected philosophies. We are bringing the people from different countries and cultures together. We have a lot of expertise in negotiating between different cultures and we understand the course of actions in shipyards, large sized steel structure and pipe manufactures, naval architect firms, trading companies and governmental authorities. It is the key factors that make your business successful in China. SEABAY is your true partner only to succeed.

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TOP Sale

  • New building Container Vessel-CMS 135*14.35*4.5M made in China
  • New building 3200T inland Container Vessel 110*11.45*3.65m Made in China
  • New building 3000T inland tanker 110*11.45*5.32 made in China
  • New building Pushbarge combination made in China