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Seabay Marine Corp. is a leading consulting provider that specializes in the management of international and Chinese suppliers of products and services, expertise and implementation of trading contracts. We are able to offer turnkey finance & loan solutions from China in the following fields:

■ offshore oil & gas exploration, development and production - incl. drilling rigs;
■ marine business – incl. shipbuilding and resale of vessels;
■ sea crossing bridges – such as steel pipe pile supplies;
■ wind power industry – incl. tower piles and components;

Our financial & loan solutions are mainly engaged in the scope below:
■ export or supplier’s / seller’s credit and import or buyer’s credit;
■ loans to construction contractors and loans to investment projects;
■ government concessional loan;
■ international guarantee;
■ on-lending loans from governments and international financial institutions;
■ international settlement and corporate deposits under the loan facilities provided;
■ raising funds in international capital markets and money markets;
■ international inter-bank loans, organizing or participating in international and domestic syndication loans;
■ currency inter-bank borrowing/lending and bond repurchases;
■ exchange transaction and approved risk-protection foreign exchange (fx) business for client;
■ creditworthiness investigation, consultation, appraisal and witness services which are relevant to the bank's business;
■ other business approved or entrusted.

Based on our professional services, for example, we advise ship owners, offshore contractors, banks and financial institutions and investors in shipping as well as their legal representatives worldwide on the financing of the construction of new build vessels and the acquisition of second-hand tonnage of all types and characteristics, as well as on rig construction and purchase and the conversion and outfitting of floating production, storage and off take (FPSO) vessels.

Our experience includes advising on, documenting and negotiating transactions and issuing legal opinions on a range of ship financing transactions, from the straightforward bi-lateral loan facility to the more complex syndicated structured asset, corporate and project facilities. From our broad experience of ship financing methods, we provide advice and assistance on loan or lease finance (including long and short term bare - boat charter financing) as well as equity and mixed equity and debt finance.

We have advised extensively on guarantee, security and other documentation (including inter creditor agreements) and regularly assist owners and banks in connection with the registration of ships, ship mortgages, assignment of insurances and earnings, pledges of shares agreement, pledges of accounts and other security.

We also undertake the registration and deletion of ship mortgages in the Hong Kong Ships Registry, and in various other selected registries, including the Panama Islands, as well as registering of ship mortgages and other related registration charges with the Registrar of Companies in China.

Our highly qualified specialists, with a lot of experience of working in China are ready to consult you on any of the above solutions and to help you carry out the contract fully right from the negotiation stage. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. We look forward to a mutually beneficial co-operation with you.

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