Seabay Marine Corp. is one of the most diverse marine enterprises. This diversity is manifested by the company’s network and activities throughout China, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, South East Asia and Australia. The company's extensive network and wide-ranging activities give it a decisive edge in gathering the timely, accurate market information vital to success. The company's five business groups — Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Section, Marine Ship Business Section, Sea - Crossing Bridge Section, Wind Power Section, and Investment & Management Section — work closely with clients to develop new business opportunities. Project coordination, sourcing of raw materials, investments and development of sales channels are typical ways Seabay Marine Corp. creates value for business partners, customers and investors.

Seabay Marine Corp. is on the mid-way through its current three-year business plan, which outlines the company's growth strategies for creating value. These strategies include reshaping our existing business portfolio and practicing new business models through the convergence of offline and online businesses.

Business Outline & Highlights

TOP Sale

  • New building Container Vessel-CMS 135*14.35*4.5M made in China
  • New building 3200T inland Container Vessel 110*11.45*3.65m Made in China
  • New building 3000T inland tanker 110*11.45*5.32 made in China
  • New building Pushbarge combination made in China