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Another Round of Tariffs: Chinese Wind Tower Imports to US

Date:2012/7/20/ 17:12

On the heels of imposing tariffs on Chinese solar cell imports to the US, the Commerce Department is doing the same for wind towers.

US wind tower manufacturers also filed a trade complaint, saying Chinese companies receive production subsidies of 14-26%. Broadwind Towers, DMI Industries, Katana Summit and Trinity Structural Towers asked for tariffs that match those subsidies.

The Commerce Department issued a preliminary decision to charge a tariff up to 26% on imports of utility-scale steel towers that support wind turbines with a capacity of over 100 kilowatts.

As in the solar tariffs, the wind tower tariffs vary depending on the company: CS Wind will be charged 13.74%, Titan Group, 26%, and all others 19.87%.

The ruling only covers the steel tower. It doesn't affect the nacelle, turbine and rotor blade complex that sit on top of a tower.

Unlike their solar counterparts, Chinese wind turbine manufacturers have a small presence in the US, but tower imports have been doing well. Last year, Chinese imports of wind towers were valued at $222 million, according the Commerce Dept. They will issue a final decision in August.

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