SmartPlug isolates Sarawak pipeline

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Date:2010/5/11/ 11:40

TDW Offshore Services isolated pipeline pressure and carried out a joint testing operation offshore western Borneo in Malaysia for Sarawak Shell Berhad. According to a 10 May 2010 announcement, TDW used its SmartPlug isolation tool to isolate the section of the line that required a new valve. TDW carried out the operation on a gas export line that runs from the F23P-A platform to the E11R-A platform. The operation made it possible for Shell to install a motor-operated valve in preparation for installation of a new compressor module.

To provide a safe isolation when the line was cut and the new valve was installed, TDW pigged in the 30in SmartPlug isolation tool from the launcher past the site designated for valve installation. The isolation tool created a double block on the line, preventing Shell from having to bleed the line down to isolate the affected area, according to TDW.

The recent operation on the F23P-A was carried out in association with a three-year frame agreement that TDW entered into with Shell to provide pipeline pressure isolation services and hot tapping services, as well as a subsea repair clamp in 2009.

he Sarawak Shell Berhad facilities include the M3, B11, E11 RB, F23 and F6 platforms. Four major trunk lines of the pipeline network transport natural gas to an onshore processing plant in Bintulu.

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