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Hyundai pens Wind Turbine deal

Date:2013/3/06/ 12:31

Hyundai Heavy Industries of Korea has announced on February 26 that the company inked on an equipment supply contract for 20 2MW wind power turbines with DaeMyoungGEC of Korea for wind power complex in Yeongam, Korea.

This deal is the nation’ largest that domestic company has ever won for establishing wind farm on land.

The wind power turbines of Hyundai are featured with high generator efficiency even with low wind speed and scheduled for delivery from this July.

The wind power complex in Yeongam is expected to be constructed in 40MW scale with 20 2MW wind power turbines and start commercial operation in this November to produce electric power which around 30,000 households can use.

Hyundai is also pushing forward a contract for maintenance as well as supply and test operation of the wind power turbines, thus it is expecting further profits.

Meanwhile, Hyundai was recognized for having technology last year as it supplied a total of 24MW wind power turbines for ‘100 Domestic Wind Power Construction Project’ successfully.

Also, the company succeeded in European market entry to supply five wind power turbines in 2011 for the first time in industry and also supplied four turbines to the US market that it has been putting ongoing efforts to pioneer overseas market.

An official of Hyundai has said, “We are going to install a prototype of 5.5MW marine wind turbine, which we are self-developing, within this year in Jeju Island, Korea. Also, we are set on taking over the marine wind power markets.”

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